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Ride Ready Service

When to Change Your Motorcycle Oil


Following the Periodic Maintenance Chart shown in your Owner's Manual for your vehicle is always best but understanding why oil needs to be changed is a critical part of maintaining your motorcycle.


Frequent slow speed starts and stops, extended storage periods, high fluctuations in ambient temperatures and prolonged periods of severe heavy throttle use—as defined in your Owner's Manual— can lead to premature oil degradation, affecting engine performance and engine life.


Changing your oil annually or at the recommended mile interval — whichever comes first — will ensure consistent and reliable performance for the life of your motorcycle.


Note: The provided information is a general guideline. Vehicle-specific maintenance tips, schedules, procedures and specifications can be found in your Owner's Manual. Indian Motorcycle Owners can access Owner’s Manuals by logging into RideReady account.


For motorcycle repair, service and maintenance, find a RideReady dealer near you. Access our home page to learn more about the RideReady program, services and benefits.