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Motorcycle Break-In


The engine break-in period for your motorcycle varies by brand and vehicle model. During this period, critical engine parts require special break-in procedures so they seat and mate properly. A proper break-in is critical to ensure the long-term performance and durability of your engine. To guarantee proper break-in of your vehicle, read, understand and follow all break-in procedures in your vehicle’s Owner’s Manual.


Notice: Failure to properly follow engine break-in procedures can result in serious damage to the motorcycle’s engine. Avoid full-throttle operation and other conditions that may place an excessive load on the engine during the break-in period.

The more cautiously you treat your motorcycle during the break-in period, the more satisfied you will be with its performance throughout its lifetime. Overloading the engine at low RPM and/or running the engine prematurely at high RPM may result in damage to the pistons and/or other engine components. 

Observe the following precautions during the break-in period:

  • Upon initial start-up, do not allow the engine to idle for long periods, as overheating can occur.
  • Avoid fast starts with wide-open throttle. Drive slowly until the engine warms up.
  • Avoid running the engine at extremely low RPM in higher gears (lugging the engine).
  • Drive within the recommended operating speeds and gears.


Note: The provided information is a general guideline. For model-specific break-in procedures, consult your vehicle’s Owner’s Manual. Indian Motorcycle owners can log in to their RideReady account to access Owner’s Manuals.


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