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When to Change the Oil on Your ATV or UTV


The recommended engine oil and filter changes for your ATV and UTV off-road vehicle can be found in the Periodic Maintenance Chart of your Owner's Manual.


Understanding why your oil needs to be changed is also a critical part of maintaining your vehicle. Frequent starts/stops, extended storage periods, extreme changes in temperature, and severe use of the vehicle can lead to premature oil degradation, decreasing your engine's performance and life cycle. Changing your oil at the recommended intervals will ensure consistent and reliable performance for the life of your vehicle.


Vehicles subjected to heavy or severe use patterns must be inspected and serviced more frequently.


Severe use includes:

  • Frequent immersion in mud, water or sand
  • Frequent or prolonged operation in dusty environments
  • Racing or race-style high RPM use
  • Prolonged low speed, heavy load operation
  • Extended idle
  • Short trip cold weather operation


Pay special attention to the oil level. A rise in oil level during cold weather can indicate contaminants collecting in the oil sump or crankcase. Change the oil immediately if the oil level begins to rise. Monitor the oil level. If it continues to rise, discontinue use and determine the cause.


Note: The provided information is a general guideline. A full list of maintenance intervals specific to your vehicle can be found in your Owner's Manual. Polaris owners can access Owner’s Manuals by logging in to their RideReady account.


RideReady provides mobile, transport or drop-off service options for off-road vehicles. Find a participating RideReady dealer to schedule a maintenance appointment.